Singing and a fascination with voice technique has been the focus of my life since I began writing songs at the age of 16. Being a young singer songwriter, I came up against the limitaions of my own voice pretty quickly. Hitting those high notes with ease, having a voice that didn\'t break in the middle, using my voice dynamically from the tiniest whisper to the biggest belt - These were the skills that I needed to deliver my songs with confidence.

Several years later I began to study voice formally at Concordia University in Montreal. I earned my music degree with a major in voice, then continued to study with a variety of teachers, some of my greatest mentors, each of whom gave me a piece of the puzzle. I took courses on vocal health at Vancouver General Hospital. I did a diploma course in Music Therapy. I worked with my own voice relentlessly. I wrote and learned countless songs and did tons of gigs and studio sessions.

When I began teaching 25 years ago, I felt like I had landed. I loved it immediately and quickly became as passionate about teaching as I was about singing .