1 We all know that sinking feeling of doing a "great take"in the studio, only to shrink back in utter horror when we hear it replayed!

Most people do not percieve their own voices accurately. That is because you are the only person- in the world who hears your voice from inside your head. If you are trying to correct your sound from what you hear inside your head, you are working with faulty feedback. The irony is: If you learn to work from how it FEELS to sing instead of how it SOUNDS, then it will automatically sound better! I call this approach "SINGING FROM THE INSIDE OUT."

2 Great singing evolves from a very complex interaction of muscles in the voicebox, diaphram and deep in the torso

Where the heck ARE these body parts? Most people including many experienced singers have no clue! So learning to sing is training the brain to identify and control MUSCLES WE NEVER EVEN KNOW WE HAD! Much like reprogramming a computer, we must reformat the brain into a singing machine. This takes a combination of effective excercises,efficient practise, and consistent coaching. In other words, I kick your butt (but in a nice way!)

3 People learn in very different ways

What is an effective method of teaching one person may not work at all for another. I have had years to try different approaches with my students and I have learned that it is all about finding the one style or combination of styles that work best for that particular singer. My students and I work together to develop great pitch, range and tone in the most efficient way possible. We also laugh a lot.

4 Mix Voice is the technical term most commonly used these days to describe a voice that is smooth from bottom to top with no perceptible "break" in the middle

It is what every singer yearns for!! It is a crucial part of the vocal puzzle which is central to my approach. If you thought of your lowest notes being espresso and your highest notes being "steamed milk" then all the notes in between would have to be combinations. Espresso to Americano to cappuccino to lattee. These are the flavors of your voice as it moves from bottom to top. PLEASE NOTE: This technique works for tea lovers as well!